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Welcome to our Blog, Have a read of our information reguarding url shorteners, small links, tiny links and tinyurls below.

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Welcome to MyShorten url shorteners short link blog, here we give our viewers a little more insight about what short links and tiny urls are along side a little more information on how to make a tinyurl, why we use short links and custom links and where you can go for a link shortener that will give you all you need whether its making some extra money with small url or tracking how many customers or followers have clicked on your short link. Click on one of our Blog posts below to find out more about our url shorteners.

How to make a Short link and Why we use them

Here is a little insight on url shortener as a whole and how to use them. You will learn what we use url shortener for and where you would most likely use a short link. Finaly we give you some insight on Myshorten and what our tiny urls offer to our customers.

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