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MyShorten, How to make a Short link and why do we need URL Shorteners?

What you will learn

What is a short link

Why do we use custom link

What can i use a URL Shortener for

What is myshorten

How to use myshorten url shortener in creating a smaller url

What benifits does myshorten give me with its short url generator

And Lastly myshortens link shortener so you can use our url changer

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URL Shortener, tiny url, link shortener, custom short url, tiny link, custom urls and many other names are used for what we call url shorteners.

So what really is a url shortener and why do we use them?

Thats one very big question and to simplify all this tiny link talk, im going to split it up into sections for you so you can get the most out of this article. In this post we are going to cover several things from:

  • What is a short link
  • Why do we use custom link
  • What can i use a URL Shortener for
  • What is myshorten
  • How to use myshorten url shortener in creating a smaller url
  • What benifits does myshorten give me with its short url generator
  • And Lastly myshortens link shortener so you can use our url changer

What is a short link

Im sure most people reading this know what a url is. If not let me just quickly touch base on it. A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator, or for an easier way to look at it its an address of the World Wide Web. Just like your Address to find your house on a Google maps on your Android or IOS phone, but for the internet in which you search on a day to day basis with either a computer, smartphone/tablet or any other device such as a smart tv that can connect to an internet or wireless connection and use a web browser to search for a web address. If you want to read more in depth information about how url Address's work click Here to read up before you carry on.

So now that we all know what a url is im pretty sure you can guess what a short url is. Thats right, the exact same thing but with less characters in it.

Why do we use custom link or short links?

Lets say you are just starting out with a new youtube channel and you dont yet have a custom youtube channel name to share with all your friends but your stuck with the long randomly generated youtube channel link that youtube starts you off with until you have 1000 subscribers. This is where a youtube url shortener would come in handy right? To make your youtube url smaller? A tiny youtube link to share to your friends so you can remember it easier which means they can share your small link as well. Basicly a free link shortening service allows you to make your long urls smaller for personal preferance an easier user friendly urls for sharing on the internet. Link shrinker generally customizes your url with a basic extension like and then a forward slash / followed by a randomly generated amount of strings after the extension such as 123. Most small url websites give you the ability to customize the short link end extension so the user can choose characters that represent their original link. For example your youtube channel might be about dogs so you could customize your link to be yt short for youtube and dogs... well because your channel is about dogs.

What can i use a link shrinking service for

So we know what a links converter is we now know why we use custom link shortener to shorten our long links, now ill give you a few examples of what we may actually use these tinylinks for.

There are many websites out there that produce long urls and theres many occasions where mini urls would come in handy. Here are a few examples of where i have used a custom link shortener for.

  • facebook url shortner - for sharing a facebook page or a post easier
  • twitter url shortener - for sharing a twitter page or tweet easier
  • google url shortener - short link with google for a custom google search (As google search urls are really long)
  • linnkedin url shortener - for sharing a linkedin profile or buisness easier
  • image url shortener - for sharing an image on the internet from google images
  • youtube url shortener - as the above question shorteneing a youtube channels url
  • google drive link shortener - shortened google drive links to share
  • zippyshare link shortener - sharing zippyshare files with a url shortener
  • microsoft onedrive link shortener - sharing onedrive urls to make their link shorter

These are just a few ways you can use a link shortener to make a tiny url, as you can see any url on the internet can be turned into a tiny link and it does really make the simplicity of sharing them much easier.

What is myshorten?

Now we all know what a link shortener is, we all know what we may use a tinyurl for and where we can use custom links on the internet (literaly any url) now let me tell you a little about our service here at

MyShorten is a url shortener free to anybody who uses it. We do not charge to use our customise link service we just convert links into tiny links for you for free, and we always will. Our automated services allows you to have a custom url shortener so that you can choose what your custom urls and custom url extensions. Our url shortener shows you how to shorten a url and we also implement the ability to have a locked url or password protected url so only you as the link creator and your fans, followers or tweeters know what the custom short link password is. This gives you a little more privacy while sharing a custom link as only the link creator and whom ever the link password is shared with will know what the destination url will be when your link redirector requests the password. If you do not know the password you cannot go any further. How great is that!

How to use myshorten's url shortener

We make our free url shortener easy for our customers to use. All you have to do is head over to and have your long url copied to your clipboard on either your mobile/tablet or electronic device.

Copy your long that your want to turn into a small url to your devices clipboard

myshorten url shortener short links image Step: 1

Head over to's website to their free url shortener

myshorten url shortener short links image Step: 2

Paste your long url you want to turn into a short url into the myshorten link shortener on our page.

myshorten url shortener short links image Step: 3

Choose your custom link you want your short link end prefix to have (This option is optional, if you do not select a custom link prefix you will have one automaticly assigned)

myshorten url shortener short links image Step: 4

Next if you wish to have a password protected url enter a password you want your short link to have

myshorten url shortener short links image Step: 5

Now that your all done just simply hit Shorten to make a smaller link

myshorten url shortener short links image Step: 6

Once you have shortened your link you will be prompted to our URL shortened Successfully page which will give you all the imformation you need about your link, how and where to share it and we also give you the ability to share your shortened link via a QR code url shortener.

myshorten url shortener short links image Step: 7

What benifits does myshorten give me with its short url generator

MyShorten gives you four main social platforms to share your shortened url to. However this is not limited as if you copy your shortened link you are able to share it to any social media platform from any device. Not only do we offer a short link service but we give you one extra ability most url shorteneing services do not give you which is a picture form of your short url as a QR code. If you do not know what a QR code its abriviated for Quick Response code which is a matrix styled barcode which contains information about a product inside the code. For a more indepth description and where the QR code originally originated from head over to the QR code Wikipedia page and have a quick read to get some more insight on how to use them and where you can use them. However most smart phones now have the ability to read QR codes in there Camera app and display a URL and a link to the site that this QR code is holding in its barcode information. Along side this amazing short link feature that MyShorten offers we of course give you the ability to track how many times your tiny url has been viewed under the "Track your URL Statistics" page which is a statistics page specificly built for your url and your url only so long as the statistics url has your short link abriviation in it.

myshorten url shortener short links image Step: 8

Now that you have your short url or tinylink you can get sharing all over the web to your followers, viewers, tweeters or whom ever you wish to email or txt it to and it will automaticly redirect you to that long link that you shortened. Easy as that, simple free url shortener that does not cost a cent and also has some robust features for the users and the shorters.

MyShortens Shortener

Now we are finaly coming to and end of this article and you as a ready finally know why we use short urls and how to use them on the internet and what use they are to you as a user on the web.

As promised i said we would link our free url shortener at the bottom of this page so you can have a play around and get to know MyShorten's way of how to make a short link on the web.

We hope you enjoy our url shortener and if you have any further questions or need any further help on our site, feel free to head over to our Support Page and fill out our contact form and one of our Support Staff will be more than willing to assist you with your Querys.

Shorten A Link For Free

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Please do not use special charactors for a custom link, this includes any foreign language or emojicons. This will result in an error page use only (a-z)(A-Z)(0-9) is a free tool to shorten a URL to reduce a link and make a link smaller. Use our free url shortener to create a shortened link making it easier to remember. Having a short link with less characters in it saves you typing out your long link into the url bar. Use my shorten today to make a small link for your website, social media or app.

URL Shortener's are very helpful when you have a long link and you struggle to remember it. With MyShorten you can shorten your link with our Free to use Shortener which has the ability to customize your given URL! Our simple and Free to use site helps you 24/7, 365 days a year. MyShorten also has Built in statistics to track you link with a trackable url so you can promote and track how many times your link has been seen online. We are one of the free url shorteners for custom short links on the web with detailed analysis with our link management platform For any FAQ's please visit our FAQ and Terms of Service Page if you have forgoten your statistics url or have any other basic questions. If you need further assistance please head over to our Support Page and you can get in touch with our url shotener staff.