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Heres Some insights on your tinyurl you just shortened. This page gives you all the information you need to share, promote and track you url now that you have created a tiny link..
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24 Sep 2020

Time and Date: 2020-09-24 15:06:01

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MyShorten gives you the ability to share you short link via a QR code format. Each individual QR code is implimented with its own data containing your generated short link. This will take you or whom ever may scan the QR code to the redirecton page which will then redirect your tiny url to the original destination of your long url. This is a premium feature in shortening that not many online url shortener impliment into their sites. It gives the customer a more flexible sharing ability if the do actually forget their shortlink.

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If you fail to remember your statistics page URL more information can be found about how to retrieve it with a simple url in the url bar. This can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions Page or by using our Link Tracking Page

If you are still struggling to find your URL to track your short link please feel free to contact us on out Support Page for more information reguarding your url. We will be able to help you to find your link.

When contacting our support regarding your Link Tracking URL, Please give us as much detail as possible. These may include either of the following

  • Your Original Link you Shortened
  • Your QR Code
  • Your Short Link

If you do not know either of these finding your link may be tricky however if you are able to supply the following we can narrow it down.

  • The Date you shortened you link
  • If Possible a rough time on that date
  • Your IP Address to find your link in our log file